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The extent of ear wax build-up can be easily under estimated, however with microsuction; clients can easily view the extent to which their hearing has been compromised by excessive amounts of wax. Normal methods of using ear buds, sharp objects or fingers to relieve irritation, itchiness can push wax further own into your ear canal.

Ear wax removal with microsuction does one clean sweep; but don’t take our word for it. See it in action through our before and after video.


I took my Dad today who has struggled to get wax out of his ears, he has very narrow ear canal and been to two other local providers who have charge him twice but with no results in the end he was told to use cotton buds by one! Which we know we not suppose to do. The service at earwaxdoc was gr8.

I was told exactly why the issue might not have been satisfactorily resolved before and the clinician managed to clear both ears took him longer than normal he said was there for 50 mins Dad’s very happy and can now look forward to getting most out of his hearing aids which were collecting dust for the last few months and most importantly I can speak to him on the phone”

— Mr Malcolm Price

Positive review for earwaxdoc

I was suffering for months with stubborn wax, went to my GP who said get some drops from the pharmacy which made my situation worse as felt like I had a wet sponge in my ear. I was told by my GP they would not be able to help, I was struggling to engage with my grand children and the TV was always on always loud to the annoyance of my family.

I was recommended by my neighbour to visit EarwaxDoc in Snow Hill I was given same day appointment and what can I say: great customer service I was clearly shown video of the wax plugs in my ear that was causing the grief, microsuction was applied and within 20 mins it was like having a new pair of ears,its made me so happy I am able to hear sounds which had disappeared. I can’t believe the amount of wax that had built up over the years I wished I had been earlier or signposted by my GP.

– Z Star

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