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Here at Earwaxdoc, we offer an ear wax removal service using the latest & safest wax removal methods. We provide a personalised, expert service that puts you at the heart of everything we do.

By using the latest groundbreaking technology; the wireless iClearscope ™ video oto-endoscope our clinicians are able to provide total relief from excessive ear wax, leaving your ears feeling clean and trouble-free for longer!

Simple and effective relief from ear wax build-up

Offering simple & effective solution for ear wax removal

Got an ear full?

Ear wax build-up can result in a number of health issues including deafness, tinnitus, vertigo coughing and not to forget continuous irritation. Find out more about the procedure carried out by our clinicians

Got and ear full; ear wax removal service

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Let’s talk Microsuction

Face it, your hearing is one of the most important functions of your body, that is why it’s only natural to make sure your ears are in good working condition, taking care of your ears is important for hearing and balance. Ear wax build-up Earwax is a natural, protective coating over the skin that linesContinue reading “Let’s talk Microsuction”

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Disclaimer; EarwaxDoc® ltd does not accept any liability for any losses financial or otherwise resulting from any material or information available on this website. It is advised to make your own informal choice before making any decisions, you are free to consult your GP for advice and recommendation for ear wax removal and suitability of micro-suction. EarwaxDoc® does not offer any guarantee of ear wax removal or its suitability and there is no warranty on the procedure itself.

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