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About EarwaxDoc

We know how important it is to look after your ears and hearing, with more and more GP practices now discontinuing services related to dewaxing and cleaning ears. EarwaxDoc aims to offer total peace of mind, so you can look after the more important things in life.

With vast experience and expertise in this field, we make it our priority to provide simple and effective solutions for earwax removal in the UK. By using only the latest groundbreaking technology: the wireless iClearscope™ video oto-endoscope. This allows us to give you a clear diagnosis of symptomatic ear wax and offer to remove it effectively and efficiently by using safest methods. Our aim is to restore hearing by removing earwax build up in the ear canal that has not responded to adopting conventional methods of such as earwax drops

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EarwaxDoc® Ltd

Etongate Business Centre
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1A George St, Snowhill

Tel: 07897832997
Email: earwaxdoc@gmail.com

Disclaimer; EarwaxDoc® ltd does not accept any liability for any losses financial or otherwise resulting from any material or information available on this website. It is advised to make your own informal choice before making any decisions, you are free to consult your GP for advice and recommendation for ear wax removal and suitability of micro-suction. EarwaxDoc® does not offer any guarantee of ear wax removal or its suitability and there is no warranty on the procedure itself.

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