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Where earwax drops have failed to remove wax and restore hearing, endoscopic micro- suction would be an alternative effective method for ear wax removal.

Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the ear, it has a protective action in the ear canal and naturally moves outwards to clear itself. However, ear wax is produced in different consistencies i.e.: wet/sticky/dry and this very consistency of wax can contribute to the build-up of wax with compaction. Excessive amounts of wax can lead to deafness, feeling of fullness, and other symptoms such as tinnitus, vertigo, coughing, and irritation. When conventional methods of ear wax removal such as ear drops have failed then microsuction would be an alternative suggested method of ear wax removal. People who wear hearing aids are susceptible to hearing loss by even a small amount of ear wax in the ear canal.

Did you know? Alternative methods can cause infections of the ear canal and damage the eardrum. Endoscopic micro-suction is a much cleaner and safer method of ear stringing, all suction tools used during the procedure are sterile.

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Microsuction – How does it work?

Your consultation will determine the suitability of the procedure and an endoscope will be used in the ear to provide an HD wide panoramic view of the ear canal to realise the extent of the ear wax problem. Diagnosis will be provided by the ear wax clinician who can also provide a video of the ear canal. After gaining your consent, gentle micro-suction will be used to remove the ear wax build-up. If the consistency of the ear wax does not allow the removal via micro-suction we can use a selection of ear micro tools i.e. hook, jobson horne or forceps to help the removal of the ear wax. The procedure usually takes 5-20mins per ear.

On successful removal of the ear wax you will be provided with maintenance advice on ways to prevent further wax build-up.

Follow up

Normally earwax should only be treated once symptomatic and it would not be advisable to have regular set follow up appointments however, certain patients might need more frequent follow-ups especially hearing aid wearers and they might benefit from a yearly appointment for ear care just like you would benefit from regular check-ups with the dentist or optician.

Benefits of Endoscopic microscopic suction

  • Quick and easy
  • Ears can remain cleaner for up to 12 months
  • Clean & simple process

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