Microsuction vs Ear Syringing

Ear syringing is an outdated procedure carried out frequently to remove excess ear wax, dirt, and grit. This process is also referred to as ear irrigation and is performed by squirting vast amounts of water into your ear canal and drawn out using a syringe.

Ear syringing is now becoming a limited service offered by GP’s & nurses, as many can perform this in the comfort of their homes by purchasing kits online or over the counter. Although it may seem like a cost-effective and convenient option, there are several risks associated with carrying this out yourself due to unknown issues such as perforated eardrum, foreign particles/objects, or infection in your ear.

Ear wax removal via microsuction is a much cleaner and safer procedure and is performed by qualified clinicians. Many doctor’s practices are referring patients towards this option, as we see ear cleaning becoming a paid service now carried out at your local audiologist or Ear wax removal clinics. So if you are deciding on which method would best suit you, EarwaxDoc highlight key advantages of microsuction over-ear syringing.

#1 – See the inside of your ear with Microsuction

Ever wondered what the inside of your ear looks like? Anyone suffering from the discomfort of blocked ears and excess wax can relate to the amount of distress it can cause, and not being able to physically see what the problem is can be frustrating.

Microsuction treatment allows you to physically view the extent of the issue, the apparatus used by clinicians at EarwaxDoc, allows you to see what the problem is when attending your initial consultation or ear wax removal appointment. Find out more

EarwaxDoc Microsuction

#2 – Microsuction = Safe, Clean & Quick removal of ear wax build-up

Whereas syringing involves a vast amount of water being squirting into the ear and can take many attempts if the process is unsuccessful. Microsuction is a much cleaner, safer and quicker procedure, taking one efficient sweep to dislodge wax from the ear canal and eardrum, without any water! – depending on how long the issue has been existent, it is advised to use sodium bicarbonate drop 1-2 days before the procedure to help loosen any stubborn ear wax developed over the month or even years!

#3 – Keep your ears wax free for longer with Microsuction

With ear syringing there is no visibility and you run the risk of leaving wax behind, which over time can increase. With microsuction there is the visibility of the extent of wax build-up in your ear canal, meaning removing it all is much easier, leaving you wax-free for longer. Although it is advised to book a check-in every 6 – 12 months. Some naturally tend to create more ear wax than others and are advised to attend for frequent checks.

#4 – In safe hands with Microsuction

There are risks associated with any medical procedure, choosing microsuction over syringing has proven to offer minimal risks. EarwaxDoc is a pharmacist led clinic, based in Wolverhampton and has fully qualified clinicians carrying out microsuction. All of the clients have expressed how relieved and content they have been with our service, as they have gone from 0-100% hearing in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

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Let’s talk Microsuction

Face it, your hearing is one of the most important functions of your body, that is why it’s only natural to make sure your ears are in good working condition, taking care of your ears is important for hearing and balance.

Ear wax build-up

Earwax is a natural, protective coating over the skin that lines the inside of the ear. Earwax has a number of positives, such as:
– It traps dirt
– It stops the ear from becoming too dry
– It pushes away water and germs.

However, sometimes too much earwax can cause your ear to become blocked.
This can be very painful and it can also make it hard for you to hear properly.
Every year, in the UK, about 2.3 million people have problems with earwax and they need to have it removed.

Ear wax removal microsuction

Some people produce more earwax compared to others. If you have too much earwax, it is more likely to cause you problems like blockages. This is when your earwax gets stuck inside your ear. You may have a blockage if you use cotton buds or a hearing aid. They stop the extra earwax from falling out of your ear and can push it back inside. It may feel as if you have something blocking your ear, causing other serious concerns such as:

  • Earache
  • Tinnitus (noises in your ear, like a ringing or buzzing sound)
  • Itchiness
  • Vertigo (this is when you feel like you are spinning even when you are actually not moving)
  • Cough

Benefits of Microsuction

There are many questions raised around microsuction; is it safe, is it painful, can it remove stubborn, hard wax. Frankly speaking our specialist clinician at EarwaxDoc advises microsuction to be the safest and cleanest method of wax removal today, speak to us for more information

This method has proven to tackle the most stubborn ear wax, although it is advised to use sodium bicarbonate a few times before the procedure to help soften the wax so it can be easily extracted.

Before & after pictures of the microsuction procedureWatch it live here

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